Caleb Woolard:

Caleb Woolard currently is a full time sign language interpreter at California Institution for Men, in Chino, where he has been employed since 2007. In addition to his extensive experience in a variety of law enforcement settings, he frequently interprets for both mental health and medical encounters. For the past 25 years he has interpreted in a variety of environments from educational settings to video relay interpreting. Caleb grew up with a Deaf brother in a household that used sign language. When not interpreting, you can find Caleb on the beach with his wife and small dogs or attacking the hillsides and streets of Orange County on his bicycle.









Rosemary Bocian

Rosemary Bocian, MA, EA, NIC, has been an ASL freelance interpreter for 9 years. In 2017 she co-authored the book "The Interpreter's Quick Guide to Self-Employment" which is currently being used by Interpreter Training Programs nationwide and sold on Amazon as well as at select Barnes & Nobles locations. Following publication, she began teaching workshops across the nation including the 2019 RID National Conference. This inspired her to become an Enrolled Agent and support interpreters directly by providing tax preparation services through her business Quick Guide Tax. Rosemary received both her Bachelor’s in ASL Interpretation and Master’s in Deaf Studies: Culture from Gallaudet University. As a professional tax preparer (EA), author and seasoned speaker, Rosemary presents the complex world of taxes in plain language so that interpreters can thrive in the profession.      











Matt Marquis

A native of Southern California, Matt has been an interpreter for almost 25 years. Working extensively in education and VRS fields. He is the founder and owner of the SoCal Interpreting Conference (previously known as the Inland Empire Interpreting Conference). He holds certifications from RID and ESSE, as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Social Science from Chapman University and received a Vocational Education Teaching Credential from California State University San Bernardino


He as also presented at numerous interpreting conferences both in-person and online . He has served as lead interpreter for two school districts, working with and mentoring pre-certified educational interpreters and is an  Instructor at the college level at multiple colleges and universities.


He also runs SoCal Terp a company that specializes in providing interpreting services music festivals and concerts and the world of entertainment as well as runs this conference. Matt is married to an extremely talented and beautiful wife and a father of two unnecessarily adorable children.








Alonna Watson

Alonna Watson comes to us with a diverse background in the field of interpreting.  She was trained 34 years ago at NTID.  Since that time, she has worked in every area of community work and specializes in legal, medical and performing arts. 


Alonna has spent the latter part of her career educating interpreters, studying ASL diagnostics, and mentoring and working in a variety of legal settings across the country.  Her passion is partnering with the Deaf/HH/DB communities to ensure excellent communication is provided and supporting interpreters on their professional development paths.  


Alonna is married and has 14 children and 25 grandchildren.  She also has 3 dogs and loves all creatures!  She loves travel and scrapbooking/crafting as well.  When she grows up, she hopes to be a Doula.