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8am to 12pm

Saturday First Session

Rosemary Bocian Presents:

Tax Mistakes All ASL Interpreters Need to Avoid

0.4 GS CEUs

Level of prior knowledge required.  Little to none

Being a freelance interpreter requires more than just interpreting. Focus is so heavily placed on language and skill that the business side of the profession often falls through the cracks. Through engaging content and hands-on activities, participants will learn how to avoid the most common tax mistakes that interpreters make. By becoming tax savvy freelancers, interpreters can transform their business practices and improve their current and future careers.

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Launch Meeting - Zoom


Launch Meeting - Zoom


1pm  to 5pm

Saturday Second Session

Matt Marquis Presents:

Yeah it sucks, we know.

0.4 PS CEUs

Level of prior knowledge required. Some

As part of the natural learning process, everyone experiences plateaus, where skills are maintained but not gained. Especially now in an age of a pandemic, everything is new and uncertain. How do we move forward and work and improve? Sometimes signers experience challenges due to plateaus, while at other times challenges are caused by limitations of the signer and sometimes it is just the environment. This workshop will provide each signer, from the least to most experienced, with tools to identify, label, and overcome challenges, limitations and plateaus. Attendees will develop a personal blueprint to help get past specific challenges or plateaus. Information is presented in a professional but humorous manner.

Launch Meeting - Zoom


8am to 12pm

Sunday First Session

Alonna Watson Presents:

Interpreting for Court  Hearings: Understanding the Purpose

0.4 PS CEUs 

0.4 Legal CEUs 

Level of prior knowledge required.  Some

Come explore the various types of court hearings that we are called to
interpret. If you are not a legal interpreter, learn how to interpret these topics and concepts that come up in
VRS or other settings. We will review the purpose of the Huntly hearing and share what preliminary
hearings entail. By studying parameters and intent of each type of hearing, we become better prepared to
walk into an assignment and ask for the information that you need. Let’s learn together!

Launch Meeting - Zoom


1pm to 5pm

Sunday Second Session

Caleb Woolard Presents:

Mentally sensitive

0.4 PS CEUs

Level of prior knowledge required.  Some

The goal of this workshop is to increase practical competency and effectiveness when interpreting in mental health settings. This workshop will provide an introduction to the mental health field, describe clinicians you may encounter, and expound on an interpreter’s role in this dynamic and complex setting. This workshop will highlight the role of the interpreter, how to effectively navigate an interpreting assignment, and the subtleties involved in this specialized arena.


Participants will participate and will learn specifics of mental health interpreting, including legal and cultural intricacies and their implications as well as ethics of mental health interpreting. The presenter will assist participants to develop the skills necessary to work in a more ethical, proficient, and effective manner with both clinicians and consumers and prepare participants for more advanced mental health interpreting within the standards of practice. During the presentation there will also be time for questions and answers

Launch Meeting - Zoom